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Contemporary artist, paintings by Dennis Ryan

Fine Art by Dennis Ryan — OCD


OCD Series Paintings — click on an image below for more information

The fine art paintings seen above conceptualize on psychological disorders, specifically obsessive compulsive disorder. The series currently consists of 6 paintings. The paintings are mostly on wood panels with medium of acrylics, Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol, Windex® and adhered plastic.

  • The "OCD art" series is another collection of ideas and paintings, but on this obsessive-compulsive anxiety disorder. In this series, the artwork grows and transitions to a more (ironically to OCD symptoms) relaxed and smooth line-work.

Up and coming artist Dennis Ryan — Phobias


Phobia Series Gallery — click on an image below for more information

The fine art paintings seen above conceptualize on psychological disorders, specifically phobias. This series currently consists of 7 paintings. The paintings are entirely on wood panels with medium of oils, acrylics, Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol, burned wood, woodcut techniques and masking tape.

  • The "phobia art" section, AKA: the early or initial works, is a collection of initial concepts and paintings about psychological phobias and the detriment they can cause on the lives of the sufferers. This phobia series is graphically, object oriented and highly, idea orientated. Most of the paintings stem from actual stories Dennis has heard and read about along the way. Don't worry, no names or specifics are identified in this art to protect the real story tellers from exposure in any sort of way or fashion.

The paintings in the OCD art series and phobia art series are some of the earliest pieces in Dennis Ryan's crusade to focus on psychological disorder concepts as an artist. He has been painting about these concepts for 15 years.

Anxiety art by artist Dennis Ryan — Phobias

Anxiety Series Fine Art— click on an image below for more information

The anxiety art series is a collection of the most recent artwork. Prolific intensity is building.

  • The "anxiety art" series is a collection of some of the most recently created paintings. Anxiety is the most generalized term, or category, for many of these phobic and obsessive disorders, or sub-categories, of mental states of the mind.

Fine artist Dennis Ryan with painting titled "Sensational" outside the studio in Philadelphia, PA

Anxiety art titled Sensational

Dennis Ryan artwork facts: conceptual art — paintings, prints & drawings

  • Currently is working on an integration of faith (or lack there of) into his mental struggle concepts.
  • Paintings live mostly in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania).
  • This art is receiving exponentially increasing interest — on a global scale — from private collectors, galleries, psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health societies, students and psychological disorder suffers alike.
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  • Page 1 rankings are bringing this conceptual art huge amounts of attention on an international scale. Tens of thousands of viewers annually are being introduced to fine art that deals with anxiety, OCD, phobias and psychological disorders.

Dennis Ryan is a contemporary fine artist whose artwork on a conceptual level deals with phobias, ocd, anxiety and other psychological disorders. His art about excessive hand washing or obsessive compulsive disorder (i.e. cleaning, counting, canceling and checking: CCCC) and germaphobes are to be shown in Lancaster, Philadelphia, PA and Manhattan, SOHO, New York.

Dennis is also currently working on a series of paintings dealing with faith and religion, but his conceptual focus is now, and may always be, mainly on OCD... it seems he really likes working with his hands — pun intended!


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