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Fine art by Dennis Ryan "Old Friends"

Conceptual artist, art, artwork "Old Friends"

More information on "Old Friends" painting

  • Title: Old Friends
  • Medium: acrylics, spray paint
  • Substrate: primed wood panel
  • Dimensions: 48 inches (1.21 meters) wide by 32 inches (.81 meters) high
  • Principles of art: unity, balance, emphasis, contrast
  • Elements of art: space, value (tone), shape, line, form, color
  • Concepts: 
    1. OCD — cleaning
    2. Isolation, loneliness
    3. Time consumption
    4. Hand washing
    5. Faith
  • The limited run giclée prints below were made for and shipped to The OCD Project, a show filmed in California. Only 25 of each are available for reproduction from the show. The run is limited and is selling out at $1000 each. Prints are archival and printed to-size on primed, stretched canvas. Contact us for availability.
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