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Anxiety art by Dennis Ryan "1 2 3"

Phobia art, artist, artwork "1 2 3"

More information on "1 2 3" painting

  • Title: 1 2 3
  • Medium: acrylics, Windex®, Isopropyl alcohol, spray paint
  • Substrate: stretched gessoed canvas
  • Dimensions: 26 inches (.66 meters) wide by 34 inches (.86 meters) high
  • Principles of art: balance, emphasis, contrast
  • Elements of art: space, value (tone), shape, line, color
  • Concepts: 
    1. OCD — counting, cleaning
    2. Social anxiety disorder
    3. Time consumption
    4. Compulsive day-trading
    5. Art history
  • Sunday News article in Lancaster Entertainment Section, front page on Father's Day about the artwork on The OCD Project

    3 Faucets and 1 2 3 made the front page of the Entertainment section via a brilliant write up in The Lancaster [PA] Sunday News. The article was written by Stephen Kopfinger; who has high familiarity with OCD from a previous great article he did on Oprah's OCD Camp (with Dr. Oz and Philadelphia anxiety expert Dr. Jonathan Grayson). Here's an excerpt from the article: "Those levels tie together in such works as "3 Faucets," which at first blush looks like a benign, if abstract, representation of folded hands. But in the light of OCD: Are those hands clasped in prayer and contemplation, or engaged in frantic washing?"

    Standing in front of the painting titled 1 2 3, Dr. Tolin discusses the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale results with all 6 patients from The OCD Project. All of the OCD sufferers have shown improvement from their initial Y-BOCS, but 1. Video courtesy of Vh1. Vh1 logo and The OCD Project content are property of © 2010 MTV Networks, © and ™ MTV Networks.

    The limited run giclée prints below were made for and shipped to The OCD Project, a show filmed in California. Only 25 of each are available for reproduction from the show. The run is limited and is selling out at $1000 each. Prints are archival and printed to-size on primed, stretched canvas. Contact us for availability.
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