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Conceptual art by Dennis Ryan "Breathe"

Conceptual art, artist, artwork by Dennis Ryan "Breathe"

More information on "Breathe" painting

  • Title: Breathe
  • Medium: acrylics, Isopropyl alcohol, dish soap bottle nipples, ink
  • Substrate: primed wood panel
  • Dimensions: 32 inches (.81 meters) wide by 48 inches (1.21 meters) high
  • Principles of art: unity, emphasis, contrast, pattern/rhythm
  • Elements of art: shape, line, color
  • Concepts: 
    1. OCD — counting, cleaning
    2. Time consumption
    3. Atmosphere
    4. Consumerism
    5. Waste
  • Ironically enough... in front of the painting titled Breathe by contemporary fine artist Dennis Ryan, Jerry on The OCD Project gets exposed to his fear of hurting someone (i.e. suffocation). No animals were hurt in the filming of this exposure therapy. Kids don't try this at home.

    The limited run giclée prints below were made for and shipped to The OCD Project, a show filmed in California. Only 25 of each are available for reproduction from the show. The run is limited and is selling out at $1000 each. Prints are archival and printed to-size on primed, stretched canvas. Contact us for availability.
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